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are dogs even real

Technically, no.
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Shakespeare Chateau built 1885
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Luxurious Crystal Wedding Dresses on Behance http://steampunksteampunk.tumblr.com/
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☽♡☾ Pagan, Viking, Nature and Tolkien things ☽♡☾
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Photo of the Day: Florida Morning
Photo by Gary Migues (Denver, Colorado, USA); Lecanto, Florida, USA
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Ultrafacts Source

My mom used to think I was crazy when I snatch the remote and turn it down from 26 to 25.

Seriously?? I’m not only not alone in this, but I’m normal?! :o
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Alien by Caleb Nefzen
Check out more of his work here!
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R.I.P. The 2976 American people that lost their lives on 9/11 and R.I.P. the 48,644 Afghan and 1,690,903 Iraqi and 35000 Pakistani people that paid the ultimate price for a crime they did not commit

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4 poses for .25 cents